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Estate Planning

Muenchrathlaw, LLC offers a wide array of estate planning services and an approach that is tailored to each client or family. Whether the need is a simple, efficient will or a trust requiring management of significant assets, the attorneys of Muenchrathlaw, LLC will devise a plan to meet your specific goals. Because we are from here, we understand the benefits and challenges of this area and what may work for you. Our office offers years of experience with wills, trusts, powers of attorney, Advance Directive and all forms of probate estates. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in our comfortable and relaxed office environment.

Family and Domestic Matters

We represent clients effectively in all manner of family and domestic law matters including dissolution of marriage and domestic partnerships, custody disputes, paternity matters, and other protective proceedings. Our attorneys have handled domestic and family matters for over 20 years and continue to provide services that may be as simple as drafting a stipulated modification to a fully contested domestic trial. Call for a consult to determine if we are the firm for you.

Municipal Law

Muenchrathlaw, LLC continues to represent municipal clients from cities, local districts and boards. We enjoy serving our communities by providing legal services to the local governing and management entities. We welcome interested municipal clients to seek out a meeting to see if our office would fit their needs.

Criminal Law

Muenchrathlaw, LLC attorneys are in court virtually every day handling criminal law matters.  Our seasoned lawyers have had both prosecution and defense experience and we put it to good use to advocate for the rights of our clients.  We offer pragmatic advice coupled with years of jury and bench trial experience for our clients.

Probate and Trust Administration

MurenchrathLaw, LLC offers probate and trust administration services for estates of all sizes. We can help you with anything from large trusts and formal probates to small estate affidavits. We are skilled at guiding grieving families through these processes. Our experience allows us to resolve any issues that may arise. Call us for a consult to determine what assistance we can provide you.